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Your Journey to Mastering English Starts Here!

Dive into an engaging, immersive course that makes learning English more than just an academic exercise – it’s a life-changing experience!

Four Courses in One Master Course

#1 English course on Udemy! – The English Master Course taught by Professor Scott Mendoza


Dive deep into over 90 unique English grammar topics with extensive video lessons, real-life conversations, and hundreds of practice problems


Transform your English speaking skills through dynamic exercises, gaining confidence with both American and British accents in 27 diverse topics.


Master the art of English writing with our comprehensive guide to sentence structure, punctuation, and professional writing techniques.


Perfect your English accent with our updated training section, featuring detailed instructions for every English sound and interactive activities with professional voice actors.

Your Instructor

I’m Professor Scott Mendoza, your instructor and companion on this enriching journey to mastering the English language. Born and raised in the United States, I bring over a decade’s worth of experience as a university professor, having taught thousands of students from around the globe.

My passion lies in the English language, and I’ve channeled this into my English Master Course. My teaching aims to cover every aspect of English learning, giving you well-rounded expertise.

I take great pride in knowing that my course is one of the highest-ranked and most popular on Udemy, a testament to my commitment to student success. This course is part of Udemy’s elite business program and is used to teach employees of Fortune 500 companies.

Join me today in the English Master Course, and let’s elevate your English skills together!

Course Sections

English Grammar

  • – Gain mastery over 90 different English grammar topics, preparing you to excel in exams like TOEIC, IELTS, or TOEFL.
  • – Full video lessons and conversations showing English grammar in use, supplemented with hundreds of practice problems and examples.
  • – Full-length PDFs for offline learning.

English Speaking

  • – Acquire the confidence and skills to speak like a native English speaker.
  • – Lessons on how to discuss 27 different topics, introducing hundreds of new English vocabulary, verbs, and phrases.
  • – 75 full-length real conversations with native English speakers.

English Pronunciation

  • – Develop a perfect English accent and learn to articulate all the sounds of the English language correctly.
  • – Accent training with professional voice actors using state-of-the-art training activities.
  • – Choose a British or American accent.
  • – Practice activities to train your accent.

English Writing

  • – Understand the grammar behind English sentences, master all 14 English punctuation marks, and write professionally.
  • – Lessons on English sentence structures and punctuation, supplemented with hundreds of examples and writing practice problems.
  • – Full-length PDFs and video lessons for offline learning.

Course Features

Elite Status in the Udemy Business Program: Experience the true mark of distinction with my course being handpicked as part of the exclusive Udemy Business program. This prestigious recognition is a testament to the exceptional quality and effectiveness of the course.

As one of the select few courses included in the Udemy Business program, my course stands out as an industry-leading resource for English language mastery. It has undergone rigorous evaluation and has been deemed among the best in its field, ensuring an unparalleled learning experience.

Featured Reviews

“Maybe the best English course I have found. Has entire sections for grammar, speaking, writing and pronunciation too. Lessons are very good. Very happy.”

Chantal Y.

“If someone is looking for an English course, then it’s THE BEST course on Udemy. Moreover, if you want to learn English for IELTS, TOEFL etc. exams then it’s totally WORTH IT.”

Faryal W.

“This English course has exceeded my expectations. Creative lessons and supportive instructor. It makes learning English easy..”

Gary W.

Ready to unlock your full potential in English?

Enroll in the English Master Course today and embark on a transformational journey to fluency. Gain expert instruction, personalized support, and access to comprehensive resources. Don’t miss this opportunity to elevate your language skills and open doors to new opportunities. Sign up now and let’s conquer English together!”